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April 20, 2018, by Carla

Five Simple Strategies to Invigorate Your Job Search

By Sarah Allen, Senior Careers Adviser

Perhaps you have made lots of applications without success – so far – or it could be that you have been too busy thinking about revision, coursework or career plans to focus on applications. Whatever the reason, you are not alone if you are yet to secure a job to start after graduating in 2019. 

And it is not too late! Here are five simple strategies to invigorate your job search:

1. Reflect on your applications so far

Which point in the recruitment process are you typically reaching? There is little point in spending time prepping for an assessment centre if actually, it’s psychometric tests or the application forms which are causing you problems.  Once you have identified the problem areas it is much easier to seek support.

Take a look through the application sections on our website for specific advice on where you’re struggling or book a careers appointment for one-to-one help.

2. Be aware of opportunities

There are still lots of graduate roles being advertised. In fact, new opportunities appear all of the time, so it’s a good idea to check websites regularly. Many websites also offer a job alert service that notifies you when new vacancies of interest are listed. Websites to try:

Unsure about whether you want a permanent role just yet? The Nottingham Internship Scheme offers graduate internships starting in September to finalist students. And don’t forget our Graduate Jobs Fair on Monday, 10 June.  Employers, such as Mars, Aldi Stores, and the Army will be recruiting for graduate roles.

3. Change your job search strategy: Speculative applications

It can sometimes feel like there are no jobs being advertised which fit your requirements. Perhaps you are looking for employment within a niche sector or for a very specific type of role? Sometimes turning the process on its head and thinking about companies that interest you – rather than jobs  can help.

Do some research into target organisations: read through their website, follow them on Twitter, or join relevant LinkedIn groups. You might even find some opportunities to network in person. Armed with an arsenal of knowledge, you are then in a great position to apply speculatively, whereby you approach companies proactively to let them know about your skills.  This is a great resource from Target Jobs on applying speculatively for graduate roles.

4. Change your job search strategy: Alternative approaches

A graduate scheme is not the only way to find a suitable opportunity. Many organisations don’t offer specific roles for graduates, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you should write them off. Could you get a “foot in the door” by completing some short-term work experience or by undertaking a temporary role through a recruitment agency?

Every year Unitemps, our recruitment service based in Portland Building, places graduates into temporary positions which then become permanent opportunities. You might be able to organise some work shadowing to help you find out more about a sector or industry. Ask people in your network for help and you may be surprised at opportunities which present themselves.

5. Build resilience and stay positive

It can be hard work finding that first opportunity and most candidates will experience more than a few knockbacks on the journey. Sometimes it can feel like you are the only person on campus who has not yet secured your perfect graduate job – I can assure you this is not the case.

Try not to be too disheartened if you have a few rejections, but do take the opportunity to reflect on why this might be happening. And don’t give up! Learning to cope with rejection builds resilience which is a useful workplace skill in itself. Stay focused on any positive feedback and seek support and advice from your network. For more tips on dealing with rejection, read this.

Looking for some more advice? You can book a careers appointment now, or after you graduate. Also, take a look at our graduating in 2019 webpage to find out more about how we can help.

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