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March 13, 2018, by Carla

100+ Internships Exclusively Available to Nottingham Students

By Chris Colegate, Careers and Employability Placement Consultant

The Nottingham Internship Scheme started in 2014. That summer, 22 students joined local companies across Nottinghamshire in a handful of different roles.

Four years on and more than 100 students will successfully navigate a real-life recruitment process to work in a local SME, start-up or charity in the summer. While the scheme has grown in size, it has also diversified. Opportunities now include marketing, business analysis, engineering, software development, ecology, environmental management, research for charities, and much more.

Will you be the only intern in the company?

Working as an intern can be a daunting prospect. Particularly if you’re in a business where you are the only intern, or the first intern the company has taken on. What’s great about this scheme is that you have the chance to connect with all the other interns who are in the same situation.

If you are are successful, you will take part in pre-internship training together. You will also get to meet again at the midpoint of your internship at a social event organised by us. This is your chance to ask questions of each other, share challenges and success stories. You’ll also get to make friends with other students who are getting their first taste of professional life in Nottingham during the summer.

Where could you be working?

The East Midlands labour market is booming, and the University is constantly working to build links with growing local businesses, and charities. All of the hosts are SMEs (small to medium enterprises). Some may be relatively early stage start-ups and some will be very well established.

You could be working in a team of three or a team of 200. Whichever end of the spectrum you end up, you will get to:

  • work with senior leaders in the organisation

  • experience lots of diverse responsibilities

  • thrive in an environment where your ideas bring real value

How will it help you?

I’ve seen over 250 students secure an internship through this scheme since 2014, and without exception they have all reaped lots of benefits.

Some have been offered a permanent job with that company, while many have used the experience to land their dream job on a graduate scheme. A handful have enjoyed the entrepreneurial lifestyle, going on to set up their own business; others have used the experience to decide that an area of work isn’t for them. Whatever you are looking to get out of an internship, you will find it with the Nottingham Internship Scheme.

This year’s summer vacancies have just gone live, but check them out soon as you need to apply by the 22 April.

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