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February 12, 2018, by Carla

The Future of Work: Cyber Security

By Kathryn Moss, Employability Officer, Jubilee Campus

Cyber security is how we protect computers, hardware, and software. This could be through technology, processes or measures that we take to protect ourselves from cyber crimes.

As more things become reliant on technology, and our homes and businesses contain more internet-controlled devices, it is more important than ever to protect ourselves against cyber threats.

Why do we need cyber security?

Our households are becoming increasingly ‘smart’ as online devices aim to make our lives more convenient. Have you ever asked Alexa a question, for example? As these products enter our homes, the threat to our online security increases. Read more about the Internet of Things here.

It is possible that cyber criminals could hack into our everyday objects, and hold us to ransom. They could potentially lock you out of your home or play havoc with your car’s central locking system. It could get pretty nasty if they started hacking into power grids and water treatment systems too.

This is why cyber security has become so important. In fact, the government has written a strategy on how to deal with cyber crimes. In 2016, they pledged £1.9 billion over the course of five years to transform cyber security in the UK. This massive injection of money means more research and more jobs are becoming available in this area.

How can I start a career in cyber security?

The need for skilled professionals in cyber security is growing at a tremendous pace. The government’s plan to transform cyber security in the UK indicates that this need is set to continue to grow. Steve Morgan, Editor-In-Chief of Cybersecurity Ventures, has written a report on cyber security jobs, suggesting cybercrime will triple the number of cyber security job openings over the next five years.

So there is demand, but where you can find vacancies?

A good place to start looking for cyber security jobs is in government departments, such as GCHQ and Dstl. If you’d rather work in the private sector, there are also thousands of specialist companies who provide support to businesses and organisations worldwide. Check out this list of the top 500 according to Cybersecurity Ventures.

Equally, it is becoming more common for companies to have their own cyber security team within their business. So if you’re looking at larger firms in pretty much any sector, you’re likely to find a division that recruits to these types of roles.

Want to find out what it is like to work in cyber security?

We have invited speakers who are currently working in this sector on to campus to tell you about their jobs. They will share insights on the types of cyber security jobs available, and how to ensure that you develop the right skills. Sound good? Book onto Spotlight On: Cyber Security on Tuesday 27 February 2018.


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