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July 4, 2017, by Carla

From One Intern to Another: Five Top Tips for Your Summer Internship

By Diane Blything, Work Experience Officer

So, you’ve managed to secure a role as a summer intern, but what now? How do you make the most of your time?

Last summer, the Nottingham Internship Scheme placed 81 students in internships in 50 different organisations. We met up with them to find out what insights they had to share you. We asked: what top five pieces of advice do you want to pass onto future interns?

This caused quite a lot of debate.

Nottingham Internship Scheme

Varied importance was placed on different tips. The advice ranged from the straightforward, such as “smile and be friendly” and “take opportunities to socialise,” to perhaps the more nerve-wracking “be proactive” and “speak to previous interns from the company before you start.

You don’t have to follow every tip you hear, but hopefully some may help alleviate a few nerves before you start. Particularly if you “ask about the dress code” so you know you’ll feel comfortable.

Some advice focused on how to develop and learn once you’ve started your internship, such as “ask colleagues about their experience and career progression.” This will help you get first hand insight into the options and routes available into different careers.

So, what tips made the top five?

5. Take feedback well

Remember, feedback is there to help you improve – don’t dwell too long on negative comments.

4. Track and record your achievements

This will be really helpful when it comes to updating your CV, or preparing for future job interviews.

3. Attend events

This applies to networking opportunities and events with your company, and any additional support from the Careers and Employability Service.

2. Don’t be afraid to ask questions

How else will you know what’s expected of you and learn?

1. Contribute – you’re there for a reason

Perhaps the most important piece of advice. When you’re new somewhere, whether it’s a new job or internship, it’s easy to feel nervous and worried – do you know enough, and will you be good enough? It’s important to remember that you were hired for this position, so clearly your employer believes in you and can see your abilities.  Be confident. With these top tips, you can’t go wrong.

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