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February 24, 2017, by Carla

Three Convincing Reasons to do an Internship in Nottingham

By Grace Pownall, third year, MEng Hons Civil Engineering

Last summer, I spent an amazing five weeks doing an internship in Nottingham. I worked on a placement at an engineering consultancy, where many of the engineers had also studied at The University of Nottingham and stayed local after they graduated.

As a student here, you’ve already got an advantage over others across the country because you’ve got one of the best places to work in the UK on your doorstop. Don’t just take it from me – Glassdoor compiled a list of the best locations to work in the UK and Nottingham came in at number three.

To celebrate, here’s three reasons I think you should do an internship in Nottingham:

1. No horrendous commute

Whether you’re in walking distance from the city in Lenton or further away in Beeston, a single bus fare is only £1 for students. This means you don’t have to spend huge chunks of your hard earned wages on simply getting to the office. Equally, the commute is so short, you won’t have to set your alarm ridiculously early.

2. Lots of familiar places

As a student here, you’ll already have had plenty of time to get to know the city. This significantly reduces the likelihood you’ll be late on your first day or get lost on your lunch break. Working in the city also gives you the chance to explore Nottingham in more depth. You might even get to see a different side to it.

This summer, I made the most of what it had to offer. I relaxed at the Nottingham Beach, I spent time in a printing workshop at an underground bar, and I ate at lots of new restaurants. I definitely recommend taking the time to try out the numerous amazing places to eat and drink. You might sample an office breakfast, take a quick jaunt out for lunch or a sample a delicious doughnut on a coffee run. What you will definitely find is that Nottingham has endless options to fuel all that hard work.

3. See your hard work come to life

During your internship, you might have the chance to work on local projects. If so, you’ll probably get to enjoy the results of it even after your work ends. By keeping in contact with your colleagues, you will see your work come to fruition and get to observe its impact on the local community – your community! This is a unique opportunity to see Nottingham from behind the scenes and invest in your area. For instance, the company I worked for helped design many of the buildings on University Park and Jubilee Campus.

You can find more information about internships on the Careers website, and if you fancy trying out an internship in Nottingham, don’t forget to check out the Nottingham Internship Scheme. The scheme has just launched 22 exciting new opportunities for you to try your hand at this Easter, but be quick, the deadline to submit applications is midday on Thursday 16 March 2017. 

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