Alice Gould on a Unitemps Assignment

October 7, 2016, by Alice Gould

How Working With Unitemps Can Help Your CV and Your Wallet

by Alice Gould, student blogger

During my four years at university I’ve had a lot of jobs through Unitemps, from modelling to proof reading to working at open days. Unitemps is a great way to earn money as a student – it’s almost entirely temporary work and lots of it is part-time.

However, temping isn’t just good for your bank account – it can make you more employable in the long run.

Represent your university

Most of the jobs advertised on Unitemps are working for the University, including lots of opportunities to be a student representative. One of my favourite jobs was working as a student helper at the open days, which allowed me to share experiences of studying at Nottingham to prospective students. I also had the slightly harder job of guiding them round our huge campus – desperately hoping they wouldn’t ask me to find anything in the maze that is ‘Science City’! I got to spend the day talking to excited sixth-formers, standing in the sun and getting paid for it.

Being a student representative is a great addition to your CV. It’s an important role with a lot of responsibility – something employers will look favourably on.

Another similar role I had was working as a student telephone fundraiser for Impact: The Nottingham Campaign. The University runs several campaigns a year, so it’s easy to get involved. This job required me to call up Nottingham alumni to ask about their experience at university and what they’re doing now, and if they could help with fundraising for the campaign. As you call people with similar degrees to you, it can also be great way to get careers advice – I know people who even got work experience through it.

Gain transferable skills

Everyone’s favourite buzzwords: transferable skills can be gained from any job – it’s just a matter of perspective. For example, despite wanting to go into law, I can talk about my time as a student halls housekeeper giving me resilience, experience of working to deadlines and for long hours.

I’m currently working as a university software tester on Kings Meadow Campus, which will enable me to demonstrate teamwork, working full-time and computer skills.

Find long-term work

While Unitemps – as its name suggests – tend to offer temporary work, there are some advertisements that aren’t. There’s also often the opportunity to extend work once it’s started. My current job was supposed to be for two weeks, but I was offered an extension. I also worked in one Unitemps job for two years, left for my year abroad, and then came back in my final year.

Unique experiences

One of the benefits of temporary work is that you often find yourself doing things you would never expect. To name a few unusual projects:

  • I was a student model for the university prospectus. On the last occasion we went to the city centre and were bought pizza and drinks to demonstrate Nottingham nightlife; definitely not a bad day’s work!
  • I’ve worked as a registration assistant, helping excited freshers during their first week at university
  • I even found my position here as a student blogger from Unitemps – which they’re now recruiting for again

Unitemps has been a great part of my university experience. I’ve talked about the jobs in interviews and on applications; it’s also filled out my CV and LinkedIn profile. And of course, it’s helped to fund a few holidays and nights out!

If you are interested in signing up for Unitemps, you can find out more here. They are also offering weekly CV reviews on a Tuesday afternoon. You can either book an appointment between 2-3pm by emailing or phoning 0115 846 7374 or just drop in between 3-4pm. 

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