April 19, 2016, by Carla

5 Ways Studying Abroad Can Improve Your Prospects

By Lydia Percival, student blogger

Going to a university less than an hour away from where I live, it may come as a surprise to some that I have decided to study in Australia next semester.

I first heard about the study abroad program through my course department. Seeing what a fantastic opportunity it would be, I attended the study abroad fair on campus to find out more about how to apply and the destinations I could choose from. From Spain and Hong Kong to the USA and Australia, the room was packed full of stands with representatives from a diverse range of worldwide destinations.

So why study abroad for a semester? While lying in the sun on a white sandy beach is definitely an incentive, there are many other reasons why I have decided to study abroad.


Having lived in the Midlands my whole life, I feel like I haven’t seen that much of the world. Studying abroad will give me the opportunity to experience life in another country – not just as a tourist, but actually living among locals. I will have the opportunity to travel and explore the rest of Australia and nearby countries.


Studying abroad will prepare me well for the future when I may be required to work with people from different cultural backgrounds. International experience is looked upon highly by many employers, and cultural knowledge can be really important to businesses.


I will be studying at the University of Melbourne, which is ranked number one in Australia, so I know I will be receiving a high quality education. During my time there, I will have the opportunity to take different modules to what’s available at Nottingham, giving me a different perspective on my degree subject.

Personal Growth

I like to push myself outside of my comfort zone and studying abroad is an exciting new challenge. I have set several personal goals I hope to achieve while I’m in Australia, which will help to increase my confidence and give me more independence. Getting set up for life in another country will also help refine my budgeting skills.


Socially, studying abroad is an exciting opportunity to make new friends. It will be rewarding to learn from people with different backgrounds, and may even provide me with a wealth of new contacts from around the world.

Overall, studying abroad will provide me with the opportunity to experience a different culture, stretch myself academically, enhance my employment prospects and gain independence. I can’t wait.

If you want to find out more about studying abroad, speak to your department or check out this information online.  For advice on how it could enhance your career prospects or how to sell a year abroad on your CV, book an appointment with a careers adviser. 

Image Credit: Randy Robertson

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