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December 15, 2015, by Laura Estrop

Spotlight On… Sports Industry

By Gemma Porter, German and beginners’ Spanish student

Gemma went to our Spotlight On… Sport Industry last month. Although a language student, she has always been interested in a career in this industry. Here is her story of how our event inspired her to pursue her goal.

As a final year language student who has just returned from my year abroad and suddenly feels very lost back in the world of studying, I decided that I would attend some careers fairs. The problem is that while a lot of my recently graduated friends are boasting about their graduate schemes they have secured, my first thought was that I could not think of anything worse! The thought of a nine-to-five highly paid office job just does not appeal to me; I have always wanted a career in something that interests me and not one where I am simply pursuing a high salary. Since a very young age I have always wanted to pursue a career in the sports industry, the problem is that since I am never going to be the next Hope Powell or Jessica Ennis-Hill, I thought that this aspiration may be a little ambitious, but when the Spotlight On… Sports Industry event arrived in my inbox I decided there was no harm in attending and seeing what it was all about.

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A degree in sports is not essential

As I arrived at the event I sheepishly walked in and took a seat in one of the small group of chairs that had been set out. I began chatting to the other students sat around me and to my surprise they were all regular students like me, studying a range of disciplines such as law, geography, politics and psychology. Not one of them was doing a degree that was specialised towards sports. This made me feel a little better knowing that I was not as far off the mark as I had suspected.

Variety of backgrounds and routes into sports

The event began with the six speakers, all from different aspects of the sports industry introducing themselves and giving us a quick background about how they had got to where they are. They were:

To my surprise only one of the  speakers had actually done a degree related to sports, and one of the others had actually done a language degree at The University of Nottingham! After a quick introduction from the speakers we then had a ‘speed dating’ style session where the speakers went around answering questions and offering advice to us in our small groups.

What I took away from the event

For me, the event was really useful and gave me the opportunity to ask questions and get advice on what I should be doing now to get myself on the right track for the career that I want. Most importantly it gave me the motivation to pursue my aspiration and has really given me confidence in knowing that if you want to pursue a career in a certain field, it is not too late to do so! Along with the fact that  doing a language degree I have not resigned myself to be a translator or a teacher. I can take my future in whatever direction I want!

If you are considering a career in the world of sports, book an appointment with a careers adviser who will be able to look into this area with you.

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