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October 27, 2015, by Laura Estrop

Five student bloggers…

By Laura Estrop, Social Media Officer

… from all years and a range of disciplines sharing their career journeys with you. If you are unsure of what career you want, you’re not alone!  

Over the past couple of months, we have been on the hunt for students to write for our blog. We received some fantastic applications for this year’s student blogger positions and it was very difficult to choose only five! After many hours of decision making, we decided to go with these five lovely students. But that’s enough preamble, let’s meet them!

Alice Gould

Alice Gould

I’m a fourth year law with European law student, who spent the last year studying in Lund, Sweden. I’m obsessed with human rights and working internationally – which is why I’m a student representative for both an anti-death penalty charity called Amicus-ALJ and Out in Education – a local project that aims to tackle fighting homophobia in schools. When I started University, I had a really clear picture of my career goals, but as I learned more about the area I wanted to go into the less certain I got. Now my plan is to look into many fields and see which one suits me the most.

Grace Pownall

Grace P

Hi, my name is Grace and I’m a second year civil engineering student. I’m interested in sustainable architecture and materials, and renewable energy. My current ambition is to be a structural engineer however; engineering is such a broad field, who knows where I might end up! Follow me as I try and find out.

Lydia Percival


Hi, my name is Lydia. I am a second year natural sciences student, focusing on chemistry and biological sciences. I’m not sure what job I want to do yet, but I’m currently looking into careers in research where I can apply my skills in developing new products. My posts will mainly focus on careers linked to science as well as more general tips on finding the right career for you. I hope you enjoy reading about my journey and find my posts helpful.

Michael Walker


I’m a theology student far-flung from my native seaside hometown of Plymouth in Devon. I am utterly clueless about what my future career might look like and I hope to spend my days after University tackling big world issues such as poverty and injustice, in whatever form that may take.

Nathan Goodey

My name is Nathan and I am a fourth year physicist who has been flair bartending for over two years now. Need cocktail knowledge? Come to me. I am very much a people person – I take any opportunity I can to meet others and get to learn their story. One day, I hope I can convert this into a full-time job. Unfortunately, my career plans are currently non-existent; join me as we discover the opportunities available to us as we go from students to full time adults.

We look forward to seeing how their career choices develop and progress throughout the year. Make sure you keep your eyes peeled for their first articles, coming very soon to this blog. We would love to hear about your thoughts about your career, share them with us in the comments below!  

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