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September 29, 2015, by Laura Estrop

Science and engineering, it’s not all about being a scientist or an engineer

By Laura Estrop, Social Media Officer

Did you know that after your degree you can apply for any job? But have you considered a career in management?

You may already know this, but as a student who studies science or engineering, your career doesn’t have to be as a scientist or engineer.  Did you know that recent graduates from both engineering and science went into roles in merchandising, fundraising, finance and sales? If you’re unsure what career you would like or if you’re thinking of changing your career path, come along to our Careers in Management Fair on 12 October and see what options are available to you.

Discover opportunities by speaking with employers

At this year’s fair you will have the chance to speak with over 80 employers about vacancies, graduate placements and internships. Management roles are spread across a number of different sectors, which means that companies from a varied range of backgrounds and values will be in attendance. So for example, if you see yourself working for an international company or a small charity, chances are you will find the right management role for you. Have a look at our fair guide now to discover the companies that are coming to the fair.

If you want to have a job that is within the same field as your degree then you’ll be happy to hear that some of the companies will be recruiting from specific degrees. But if you’re unsure then the majority are looking for any students who are enthusiastic and keen on one of the roles on offer.

Below is some examples of companies who are coming to the fair and the areas they are recruiting to, if you would like to see who else is coming this year then have a look at our fair guide.


Management is for everyone

The great thing about management is that you don’t need a degree in it to get a job in it. The only things you will need to bring along with you are the skills you have gained from your degree. You may have highly developed numerical skills, strong fieldwork abilities and the ability to work methodically and accurately; these are just some of the skills you have as a student that can take you to a management role. So whether you are studying civil engineering, chemistry or mathematical sciences the companies attending want to talk to you.

Get prepared and research

There are many opportunities on offer at the fair to make the most of the event you should start researching companies and preparing what you would like to say to them now. Here are a couple of examples to get your creative juices following:

  • What roles do you have on offer?
  • What do you look for in a graduate/or intern?
  • What is it like to work for your company?

Just remember, you have all of the skills so you can have a career in management.

If you want to get ahead planning your career, then make sure you come along to the Careers in Management Fair on Monday 12 October. More information about the fair can be found here.

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