September 18, 2015, by Laura Estrop

Three pieces of advice: returning to University

By Laura Estrop, Social Media officer

If you aren’t back in Nottingham already, in less than three days’ you will be returning to University for a brand new year of study. I know this is a very exciting and busy time and exploring your future is part of that. 

    1. Think and explore

Regardless of what year of your degree you are in, it is never too late or too early to start thinking about your career. It might be helpful to make a list of all the things that you like doing; this could be anything from social media to doing in-depth research on a particular topic. You should also think about if you would like to have a career in the field your degree sits or if you would like to apply for jobs in other sectors. The beauty of this tip is that you can do it at any time and in any location, so there is no excuse for not at least trying this tip.

  1. Look at how you can get there!

Once you have an idea of the areas you would like to work in then you should look into the ways of getting there. So for example, if you’re doing a degree in geography and decide that you want to pursue a law career then you need to look into the Graduate Diploma in Law (GDL). These are some of the key questions you need to ask yourself:

      • Do you need to complete a training course or postgraduate course?
      • Do you need to have undertaken any work experience or internships?
      • Should I start apply for a graduate job now?
  1. Visit us

We have an exciting list of events running throughout the autumn term, so check out our our website now for the full list of events you can attend. There is so much on offer you are bound to find something that can help get to where you want to be. I know that the first couple of weeks of term can be a very exciting time with lots of things happening, but if you are struggling to find information or if you’re completely unsure of how to get into an industry then we are always here to help.

Our website is a great starting point for planning your career, however, if you are unsure about the next steps to take towards your career, book an appointment to speak with one of our careers advisers.

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