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September 4, 2015, by Laura Estrop

Three pieces of advice: starting a new job

By Chris Jones, Senior Careers Adviser – Faculties of Science and Engineering

Are you about to start your graduate or new job in the next couple of weeks and want to know how to shine from the start? Or have you recently started your new role and want some practical advice on how to progress? You’re in luck! follow these top three tips and you will set yourself on the path to career success. 

  1. Make a positive first impression

First day

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Your first few weeks in a new job can set the scene for future work relationships and how you are seen within the organisation. So make sure that you dress and behave professionally, be proactive in getting to know new colleagues, and try to demonstrate a positive and can-do attitude from the outset.

  1. Get involved

Two students at Nottingham City Council

In work, as in most areas of life, you get out what you put in. So, once you’re settled in, don’t be afraid to volunteer to get involved in projects or activities that are of interest to you, or make suggestions about how you feel could add value to the organisation. Most employers will appreciate new recruits bringing enthusiasm and new ideas.

  1. Keep learning!


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Remember this is just the beginning of your career journey. So, keep looking for opportunities to learn and develop new skills in the workplace. In an ever changing career landscape, those who are flexible, curious and have a commitment to learning and self-development are likely to be the ones who will be best-placed to negotiate their career effectively.

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