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August 18, 2015, by Laura Estrop

Beginning to See a Different Path

By Emmie Studencki, Events and Vacancies Coordinator

I graduated four years ago from Malmo University thinking I was going to work in project management within the publishing sector. I had my mind set on this for over five years, but it was not until I started looking for those types of roles that I realised I wanted to work in an international environment.

I want to share my journey to show that it is okay to change your mind about your career after doing a degree or job in a specific field.

My idea changed – but that’s OK

Whilst searching for project management roles in Sweden – my home country- I found the jobs to be much more technical than I had expected and there were fewer opportunities for working abroad, something I was very interested in. I then started to look at professions outside my comfort zone and I came across a role in recruitment within the higher education sector.

The role gave me great insight into the sector, along with a greater appreciation of the myriad teams working collectively to support the student experience.

En route to a new path and a new country

A year later I found myself wanting to move abroad and experience a completely different culture to my own. I chose China. I had a 30-day tourist visa to find a new job, so I googled ‘Swedish company in Ningbo’. I landed a role in sales and events for a Swedish freight forwarding company. I completed a three-month traineeship in logistics as I had no prior knowledge about the industry. I remember thinking; if I had asked myself a year ago, I would never have guessed that I would be in China selling container solutions to Nordic customers.

Invest in yourself

After two years of excelling in the forwarding industry I decided I wanted to develop my international work experience with a degree. I chose to study an MSc International Management at The University of Nottingham Ningbo China campus. The course gave me more than just the knowledge I was looking for, I also got the opportunity to interact with people from all around the world. With over thirty nationalities on my course, I got a priceless experience in working with people with different cultural view points and knowledge.

It all comes back to what you enjoy doing

Last year I relocated to the UK from China and started to work within higher education again, this time working in Event Management within the Careers and Employability Service. What I have learned from my experience is that your career can take you anywhere! It can take you on different journeys across a range of industries, but most importantly you should choose a job because you enjoy what you are doing. Whether I am working on projects, recruitment, logistics or events, I get to plan and manage my own work, which is what I enjoy.

Ask yourself, what do you like doing and take it from there.

If you are unsure which career path to take after your studies, have a look at our advice. If you would like to discuss your career in more detail, book an appointment with one of our careers advisers.

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