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June 9, 2015, by Joe Ward

Hiring trends in India – 2015 brings cheer!

By Varrtika Tarun Mudaliar, Country Advisor, International Office

On the back of improved business sentiment and a booming job market, corporate India has revamped its programme to hire fresh graduates from campuses across the country and abroad. For the first time, many companies will utilise psychometric tests and aptitude-based interviews to select candidates with the right skills and the right attitude for the job.

Things are on the up for graduates!

The Future Group plans to hire about 200 management trainees who will be mentored across various functions for a year. Godrej India will increase the number of managers hired by 10-12%, while KPMG will increase their graduate salaries by 15% compared to last year. PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) sees its intake increase by about 15-20%, and will also introduce a customised pre-boarding initiative this year. Microsoft India will offer more global placements for outstanding Indian graduates.

Most Indian corporates and multinational companies based in India will see a similar trend, thus increasing the overall hiring numbers. Most of these companies have a dedicated careers page on their website where vacancies for middle and senior levels are also advertised.

Returning home and getting started

For Indian students who are currently enrolled at a foreign University, one of the best ways to help you secure a great graduate job in India is to monitor the career sections on the websites of companies that interest you. Send in your updated CV and follow this up in writing to show interest and willingness to have a telephone or Skype interview.

Many companies use these technologies for first interviews with prospective candidates and are increasingly using Facebook and LinkedIn to gain an insight into a candidate’s personality and attitudes. Management experts state that what you post on social media is as relevant to job seeking as a good CV.

Speak with your friends

Speak with friends who already have jobs with good companies in India. Using their knowledge of upcoming jobs and contacts can be a very effective way of gaining information about the questions that are asked during interviews – maybe they can become a mentor for you. The alumni groups in the country are also a good source of information on the job market, and career events by reputable organisations like The British Council are another good place to interact with employers and showcase your talent.

Facts Source: The Career and Business Life Supplement of The Times of India

Photo credit: Deepak Gupta, Flickr under Creative Commons license

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