May 8, 2015, by Charlotte Lambert

My eMentoring experience

By Charlotte Lambert, student blogger

You may have heard about some of the mentoring schemes offered within the University – I took part in the in the career-focused scheme. The eMentoring scheme runs from November through to March and offers the chance for students to be paired with University alumni professionals from a wide range of career sectors.

It’s all online

The eMentoring relationship takes place through online communication as mentors are located around the world. Once you are paired with an alumni mentor from your chosen industry, there is very minimal intervention from the Careers team. You are advised at the start of the programme to communicate, on average, once a fortnight but the pace and path of the conversation during the scheme is entirely dependent on the mentor and mentee. Communicating once a fortnight may seem like a small amount of contact time but I found that it is definitely better to pack more information into one detailed email than to spam your mentor’s inbox with several sparsely-packed emails!

Making connections

For five months, you are in close contact with your mentor as they offer you guidance, support, and if you are as lucky as I was, connections to other working professionals. Of course, it is best not to bring this up yourself but if it is offered to you, there is certainly no harm in allowing your mentor to help in whatever way they are able.

When I initially applied I was quickly paired with a mentor with a background in marketing. I found that my mentor was genuinely interested in my academic progress, this involved offering constructive criticism and showing encouragement in the placements and activities I was involved with. Furthermore, through my mentor I was encouraged to pursue a career that I had not considered. Following on from his knowledge of the marketing industry and the direction our conversation had taken, my mentor recommended that I consider a role with copy-editing opportunities. This then led to placements providing this experience.

What can the scheme do for you?

It can provide:

  • career-specific help
  • a communication channel with someone who has experienced the industry firsthand
  • a chance to network, build connections and develop commercial awareness
  • practical advice and insight into your chosen industry

Part of the Nottingham Advantage Award

There is the opportunity to undertake the eMentoring scheme as a module for the Nottingham Advantage Award, engaging in workshops and online feedback. Second-year student Tyler was involved with both the scheme and the module:

“I would definitely recommend the eMentoring scheme, I found it invaluable to discuss future opportunities with someone who has been so successful… I can now demonstrate to future employers that I have taken a proactive approach to working towards my future career aspirations.”

For more information visit the eMentoring scheme webpage, applications for the next academic year open at the beginning of the autumn term. 

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