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February 13, 2015, by Joe Ward

The rise of the video interview

By Joe Ward, Website Officer

Offering a fast, cheap and efficient way of interviewing candidates, video interviews are steadily becoming a more popular way for employers and recruiting managers to conduct their interviews. 

While interactive interviews through programs such as Skype, FaceTime or Google Hangouts have been popular for some time, the non-interactive video interview is quickly gaining popularity and becoming commonplace, particularly during initial and early-stage sifting as a replacement for the telephone interview.

What is a video interview?

Non-interactive video interviews can vary slightly from employer to employer, but generally involve the following elements:

  • a pre-recorded question with a time limit for you to read and make notes. Questions are usually given in text form
  • a recorded response via webcam from you within a set time-limit (usually one or two minutes)

Repeating this process for all questions, you are not given immediate feedback, but will be contacted at a later date

When are video interviews used?

Video interviews will often be used for positions where a telephone interview might previously have been used. This typically includes roles where there are either a large number candidates expected for the position, or where the role will be heavily customer-focused and the panel want to judge your demeanour.

Focus on the positives

Any interview can be daunting, and video interviews are a new experience for many people. You may be concerned because there is nobody at the other end.

While this may be true and can be challenging, there are also some positives you should focus on:

  • You can take the interview at your own convenience (before a set deadline)
  • They can be taken in a comfortable and familiar environment
  • They can often be completed very quickly and involve no travelling
  • You often get a number of practice attempts you wouldn’t get in a traditional interview

Five helpful tips

As video interviews are being used more and more, we have compiled some handy tips to consider should you be asked to take one.

  1. Even though you’ll probably be at home, dress as though you’re attending an interview at the company offices. No shorts and slippers below the desk!
  2. Check your background – take down inappropriate pictures or posters, tidy up and ensure lighting is suitable
  3. Check your webcam and microphone are working properly
  4. Secure any pets and warn housemates to avoid unwanted disturbances
  5. Try and be as natural as possible!

Further information and resources

We have created two video resources for you to help with your preparation.

The first video contains some useful information and further tips for preparing and undertaking the interview. The second video gives you the opportunity to undertake a practice interview with some example questions so you can get a feeling of what the experience might be like.

Go to the interviews section of our website for more information about video interviews and other types of interview, and how to prepare. You can also make an appointment to come see us if you want to discuss interview preparation further.


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