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January 9, 2015, by Jackie Thompson

Graduating With an Arts Degree: Finding the Right Role and Company

By Sophie Woods, English and American studies graduate

After graduating from Nottingham I was uncertain about what it was exactly that I wanted to do. Akin to many other graduates, and specifically humanities graduates, I knew that I had well-honed skills and various options but no definitive avenue to pursue.

I wanted to explore my options within marketing and interned at a start-up called Ticckle, a new social media platform, for three months before joining  FDM Group, a global IT services provider, as a marketing engagement and PR assistant.

Why this is the right role for me

Sophie WoodsMy role is varied and my time is split between managing global PR for the company and being responsible for alumni engagement, as well as team tasks such as organising events and producing content for social media.

FDM appealed to me as they showcased the kind of global outlook and reach that I was looking for in a company, as well as a unique business model that I felt sure would be a great tool for marketing. During my research, I was particularly interested in the company’s unique approach to facilitating graduates with a combination of additional training and commercial experience. While not a technically-minded graduate Sophie’s Story: Finding the Right Role and Companying a career in IT, I was attracted to the company due to its commitment to bridging the gap between academia and business.

The graduate programme provides new entrants with the skills to become IT and business consultants: the academies play host to a rigorous training scheme on either a technical or business pathway and on completion, a placement in a consultant role with clients including HSBC, British Airways, Ministry of Justice and The Financial Times. Applicants of any degree type are welcome to apply to the programme and our current trainees are from a range of universities and degree qualifications.

How my degree helps me on a daily basis

My degree provided me with a multitude of skills that are applicable in my role, not least the ability to proofread at a decent speed! Transferable skills such as analysing texts and in-depth research for my dissertation have been fundamental to producing copy for marketing material and writing content for social media. As disparate as they seem at the time, having an appreciation for literary texts and historical references has proven useful on many occasions in a role where communication and promotion are key facets of the job. Similarly, my study abroad year not only expanded my academic studies but gave me the confidence to embrace new and challenging environments and a cultural awareness required in such a diverse and global company.

In summary, my degree at Nottingham gave me the skills and ambition to pursue a career in a global, diverse and fast-paced business environment working on projects directly related to the skills gained during my degree. I have been exposed to the dynamic nature of an IT services provider, while pursuing my interest in marketing. An amalgamation I had not originally thought of but a position in which I feel most comfortable.

Find out more information about FDM’s graduate programme.

If you are thinking about where your degree will take you, please explore our website and talk to a member of our team.

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