December 17, 2014, by Bety Mehide

Go Global – employability conference part 2

By Bety Mehide

In my last post about the Go Global conference, I wrote about other international students’ experiences and global labour markets. If you missed it and feel like it would be of interest to you, please read it. In this one, I will write what I heard about part-time jobs, global organisations and visas.

Part-time job opportunities

This part was more general and focused on the valuable job experience that everyone can get alongside their studies. Additionally, a student who had done 20 different jobs with Unitemps came in and shared his journey with us. He told us how despite having great experience back at home he didn’t manage to get an equivalent job here. He ended up starting from the very bottom with cleaning jobs and has now worked his way up to more demanding roles. Thanks to the variety he now has a long list of experience that he can sort through in order to put together a CV with the most relevant experience to apply for roles outside the University. That showed how the key is in starting from inside and asking for help whenever needed. Unitemps and Careers are always happy to help with part-time job applications, all there is to do is login to My Career and book an appointment with one of the Careers team.

Working for a global organisation

This section was delivered by four employers: ARUP, GSK, FDM and ICAEW. The first three speakers introduced their companies and possibilities available with them. As they are all big international companies, their employees can travel around doing different projects in different departments across the world. Students from all degree disciplines could apply to the companies as they all offer a great variety of assignments. The last one focused more on the ACA qualification they offer and the fact that is recognised globally.


Although I don’t need a visa in Europe,  attending this session made me realise how complicated it can be. Having a job offer from a local company that has the right to sponsor your visa makes it a lot easier to get one. There are so many different types of visas with different limitations and finding the most suitable one and getting it seems like a very time-consuming process. If you need advice, talk to the International Office.

The Go Global conference is in its second year and has become an annual event so, if you missed it, I definitely recommend going to it next year. In addition to useful information, you also get to meet a lot of new people from all around the world and hear their inspiring stories. It’s definitely a much-needed motivation boost at the end of term.

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