October 3, 2014, by James Jupe

Who are you going to talk to?

With the Careers in Management and Business Fair around the corner it’s time to start thinking about which employers you want to talk to and what they can offer you.

With over 90 companies at the event you’ll be spoilt for choice, especially as many welcome students from all degree disciplines.

We interviewed Alice Brown, who works for Deloitte in the student recruitment team, for advice on applying for a graduate role. 

What do you do?

I look after the recruitment of students into three of our offices in the Midlands region. I am involved in interviews and assessments as well as delivering skills sessions and networking events on university campuses, to help support students who wish to apply to us.

What does the term ‘business and management’ mean to you?

Business and management is about being commercially aware and about having a good level of knowledge about what makes a business succeed. Management can mean anything from management of data, management of clients or management of people.

When looking at an application or interviewing a graduate, what do you look for?

We look for a real drive and energy from candidates applying to Deloitte and a good insight into what we do, and how this fits into your long term career plan. We are keen to know what makes people tick and what really motivates people to want to join our firm over any other. Commercial awareness is also important and something that is assessed at various points in our selection process. Decision-making and analytical skills are also key, as well as the determination to succeed and work hard – in return you’ll gain intense training and professional qualifications that we provide funding for.

What would your top tip be for anyone applying for one of your graduate schemes or internships?

Research the roles and schemes we offer and what we do. Our website is really informative so spend time looking through the different parts. We have some hints and tips for the selection process online too. It’s worth spending time thinking about your values and what motivates you.

Make sure you attend events we are at so you can get a feel for the type of people that work for us and the roles on offer. The more people you can meet before you apply the better, but it can also help you prepare for interviews once you’re in the selection process. It is also important to really spend some time thinking about your future and how this matches to what we can offer. Make sure you can commit long term.

What opportunities are open to students?

Check out our entry in the Careers in Management and Business Fair guide. We’re also bringing a Nottingham graduate who works for us so you can talk to someone in your position not so long ago.


(Any companies with a pink mortar board in their entry will also be bringing alumni to the event.)

Given the number of opportunities on offer, we’re keen for you to make the right choice and there are lots of tools on our main website www.deloitte.co.uk/graduates and social media pages to support you with this.

Take a look at our Careers in Management and Business Fair guide to see which employers are coming. You can also read our blog series to find out more about what to expect!

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