September 16, 2014, by Beth Dawson

Whatever your degree, there’s a role in business for you

Do you switch off when you hear the words business and management? You may have some doubts that we’d like to clear up so that you’re not missing out on some great opportunities coming up at our Careers in Management and Business Fair. Humour us for a moment so that we can demystify four common views surrounding the world of business.

You need a business or management degree

Don’t shy away just because you studied English or zoology. Make no mistake; the majority of employers at our fair will be recruiting students from all degree disciplines. You can explore areas such as human resources, technology, marketing and IT within a company and feel right at home. All businesses, whether small or large, will need people with strong communication skills, a creative mind and an enthusiasm to help solve problems.

It’s all numbers and spreadsheets

There are countless aspects to a successful business and because of the variety on offer you’re bound to find your niche. Perhaps you’re an arts student and possess a gifted imagination. You inspire others with your vision and ideas – so you’ll be sought after in digital marketing where you could elevate your company’s online presence. Finance and profit may play an important part in business but that doesn’t have to be your area of focus if it’s not your cup of tea.

All companies are the same

Wherever you look you’ll find there’s one universal truth about businesses, they’re everywhere. We’ve got over 80 employers coming to our fair that will interest you. You could work with a for-profit company, in the public sector or for a non-profit – there’s so much choice. You’ll meet organisations ranging from Aldi Stores Limited to Zurich Financial Services and the National Audit Office to Metropolitan Police. Look beyond the name or type of business and you’ll see the scope of opportunities on offer to you. Take E.ON, the gas and electricity supplier, which has graduate roles in: IT, finance, human resources, marketing and sales, as well as science and engineering. Gaining a perspective and awareness of the uniqueness of every organisation will guide you towards what feels right for you.

You have to know what you want to do

The good news is you can try out something new and find yourself in a very different place later down the line. There are both general and specific graduate schemes that can give you experiences as well as skills that you will carry with you for life. In a general management programme, for instance, you may rota around departments ranging from logistics to human resources before then choosing to specialise. Even on a specialist stream there’s a lot of variety on offer. For example, marketing schemes have rotations in branding, digital media, advertising, internal communications, business to business — it all depends on the organisation.

Take the time to be audacious and inquisitive with your future

We encourage you to be open-minded and to appreciate the possibilities, which is why coming along to this fair is really important. It’s your chance to learn more about what’s out there without having to commit to anything until you’re ready. All we can promise you is that there’s nothing narrow about the world of business.

Inspired to find out more? Put the date in your diary now and attend the Careers in Management and Business Fair on Monday 13 October. Visit our webpage to find out which employers will be attending and watch out for the fair guide to plan your day. 

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