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June 27, 2014, by Beth Dawson

A-Z of Online Job Applications: Part 2

Looking to stand out in your online applications? Read our quick tips before settling down at the keyboard to discover the dos, don’ts and definitely don’ts of online applications

Myths such as ‘you will be selected or rejected by a computer’ surround online applications – don’t believe them. Computers can only be used for screening candidates based on factors such as qualifications, there’s a person who will read your application that you need to impress.

Never lie. According to a recent survey about one in three applicants lies about their qualifications. This may seem all too easy when completing your form, but you will be found out further along the application process.

Offering opinions rather than evidence is a common mistake. Don’t just say ‘I believe good communication is vital to team work’: show how and when you’ve put your good communication skills into practice when working in a team.

Print off the application form or save multiple copies, so you can get used the style of questions and the space you’ve got to enter your answers.

Quality rather than quantity is important, many questions will have word or character limits and writing in a clear, concise manner will leave an employer with a good impression about how you would communicate in the workplace.

Relate your research to what you have to offer and why you want to work there.

Support your online application with a stand out CV if your asked to attach it as part of the form. It may seem secondary compared to the form itself,  but it can influence an employer’s impression of you.

Try to use more recent experiences to demonstrate your skills as these will reflect your current abilities.

Underline or highlight crucial parts of a question on a copy of the form. This will help you to draw out the focus of a question if it’s worded in a complex way.

Visit us! If you want more advice about filling out an application form for a position you’re interested in, book an appointment with a member of our team.

Word your applications carefully for maximum impact, for example if you did something, use ‘I’ instead of referring to the whole team and choose verbs which give maximum impact.

Example application forms are available online to help you get used to this format. Simply search Google for “mock application form.”

You may have a lot more relevant work experience that you can refer to than you might think! Brainstorm your strengths and situations where you demonstrated these strengths to give yourself lots of material to use when answering questions.

Zero. That’s what you’ll see if you visit an online application after the deadline has passed. Employers delete their forms after the deadlines, so be sure to make a note of any upcoming application deadlines for opportunities you’re interested in.

Want more advice about online applications? Read the first part of our A-Z of online applications and visit our applications webpage. You can also book an appointment with a careers adviser through My Career if you want to discuss your application face-to-face. 


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