October 29, 2013, by Jemma Utley

When I Grow Up

By Rebecca Waldron, MMath Mathematical Sciences

When I was little, I wanted to be a teacher. One of my first memories is making my little sister sit down, while I stood at my homemade blackboard pretending to teach. I remember writing little tests for her and marking them with my red pen. I loved it – she hated it!

When I left school, I really wasn’t sure what I wanted to be. I went for work experience at a few places to explore different career paths. This included a week at a private hospital. I learned a lot but knew it wasn’t for me. I also went for work experience in London at the Exxon Mobil head office. This was a great insight into life in a busy office environment and also witnessing life in London.

I decided to do a maths degree because I felt it would give me the option to embark on almost any career path. It is a really challenging course but I am really enjoying it. I am still today in a position where I really don’t know where I am heading.

I sometimes harp back to my early career aspirations of wanting to be a teacher and if I follow that path then I will apply for a PGCE upon completion of my degree. I plan to attend lots of career events over the next year.

I have just booked myself onto the Deloitte autumn careers evening and you never know it might be where I discover the perfect career for me. I am ambitious and want to be successful and hopefully my maths degree will be a great start.

What did you want to do when you were little? Is it the same as what you want to do now? Tell us what your #UoNambition is on Twitter!

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