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By Adam Shooter, Postgraduation and Statistics Coordinator (Alumni volunteering, eMentoring)

Mentoring is a common practice in the workplace, with new staff often being mentored by more experienced staff members. Having someone with experience and knowledge to turn to for advice is an invaluable for personal development in all walks of life. We have a careers-focused eMentoring scheme to get you started with your career development.

What is it?

The scheme is a six month relationship between you and a mentor starting in early November and lasting until late April. Correspondence begins via email.

How to take part

The alumni mentors will provide you with bespoke, one-to-one advice and are from of a wide range of professions and industries, but they all studied at the University. You decide what you need to know from your mentor but this could be from finding out more about a career path, industry or job market to succeeding in the application process.

What others had to say about it

Eric (BSc Economics, second year) took part in the 2012/13 eMentoring scheme and hoped for insight into the energy and climate sector. Thanks to his mentor Tom (civil servant, Department of Energy and Climate Change) he got an insider perspective to help him achieve his career aspirations.

“The fact that someone of his position was first to encourage me and listen to my concerns, and then give me feedback on such personal issues with words of wisdom and in-depth details was a great boost to my career confidence.”

Akintunde (MSci Environmental Science, second year) discussed the environmental sector with his mentor Vince (executive level recruitment consultant – energy, natural and renewable sectors) and was made aware of the opportunities available.

“My mentor was able to remould and redesign my career path, giving me the right guidance that I needed to be able to have a defined focus in my professional career”.

Shakiru (MEng Chemical Engineering, final year) found that eMentoring helped him to become more informed about his career decisions. His mentor David (general manager, Civil Service) was able to share his experiences as a chemical engineer and offer advice on how to write a CV for the sector.

Want to get involved?

  • Research industries that interest you and identify any questions that you want answered. If you are unsure about your career direction and sector, then please book an appointment with us before applying for the scheme.
  • Look at the list of mentors on My Career by clicking ‘alumni profiles’ on the top toolbar and searching under your desired industry. After reading their profiles, select three mentors in order of preference, and be aware that you may not find an exact match but we will try match you as closely as possible according to your needs.
  • Put the date in your diary when applications open but keep an eye out for our blog post on how to make a successful application for the scheme.

Applications open 30 September until 14 October. Email alumni volunteering with any questions about the scheme.

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