August 23, 2021, by Hazel Sayers

The Cobot Maker Space – launch

The Cobot Maker Space is a vibrant maker space at the University of Nottingham, exploring the future of collaborative robots.

Developed with a combination of Smart Products Beacon and strategic EPSRC funding, the facility will be integral to delivering the research programmes of its Partners – the Horizon Digital Economy Research Institute and the Trustworthy Autonomous Systems Hub and aims to encourage new collaborations with any sectors interested in robots, human-robot interaction, research and development.

The facility will support three kinds of activity: 

  • Creation – enabling researchers to create human-robot and human-AI manufacturing scenarios with conditions that resemble real production environments.  
  • Research – enabling research into how people interact with Robots and AI (a new field currently referred to as Robot Factors), how new AI and optimisation techniques can enhance productivity, and how new human sensing technologies can be used.  
  • Deployment – a public-facing space to deploy digitally enhanced products (for study) and to display new human-robot interaction as publicly accessible demonstrators.  

Watch this introduction to the facility to find out what it has to offer and this 360 tour, delivered by Robin.

An ‘open house’ launch will take place on the 8th of September (10.30 – 12.30 & 14.00 – 16.00).  For further information please contact:


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