March 2, 2021, by Hazel Sayers

MCDDM seminars

The Midlands Centre for Data-Driven Metrology has announced the date of its first seminar.

Big Data has had a significant impact on productivity, economic growth and business resilience in every industry, including manufacturing. A recurring issue in the context of Industry 4.0 is the intelligent and strategic use of Big Data. For example, in the manufacturing sector, consistent measurement is an essential step; metrology can generate Big Data to inform improved decision making.

However, Senior Management Teams (managers and directors) often struggle to translate Big Data into meaningful information to support rapid and effective decision making. They frequently fail to make the best use of data in their strategic decisions, and this can have negative consequences for the business. Yet we know that by basing strategic decisions on data, Senior Management Teams can be proactive, e.g. identifying new business opportunities; they can save costs and improve operational efficiency.

This seminar will address how Senior Management Teams can make better use of Big Data in their decision making, and point to opportunities for SMEs to benefit from new initiatives.

Professor Maureen Meadows and Dr Alessandro Merendino will present “Who cares about Big Data? And is it useful for making Big Decisions?” on Wednesday 24th March at 2pm.

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