October 15, 2021, by Hazel Sayers

Internet of Food Things Network Plus – online event

The Internet of Food Things Network Plus is holding an online event on 1st November entitled “Data, science and policy for a healthy food system” on Monday 1st November.

This strategic workshop will address the interplay of data-driven science and innovation in the food system, food safety and food-related health – how can the kinds of interdisciplinary activities that the Internet of Food Things Network (IoFT) and the Quadram Institute do, be applied to UKRI research topics in order to address government food strategy goals as well as broader sustainability goals.

The aim of the event is to:

  • Establish a better understanding of government policy and wider societal needs for the food/health system,
  • Initiate more collaborative thinking across disciplines and between institutions to prepare approaches to addressing these opportunities,
  • Share this thinking with representatives from various policy and regulatory bodies: Defra, FSA, UKRI, OAI, Innovate UK etc

Further details here: https://foodchain.blogs.lincoln.ac.uk/online-conference-data-science-and-policy-for-a-healthy-food-system/



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