March 2, 2020, by aeyavb

How hand osteoarthritis is associated with hand pain and function

Dr Abhishek is currently leading a study that investigates ultrasound markers of symptoms of hand osteoarthritis (OA).

OA is the most prevalent form of arthritis, particularly concerning hand joints. The symptoms of OA include; joint swelling, functional impairment, participation restriction and overall reduced quality of life. Despite this, there are no disease-modifying drugs for OA because the determinants of pain are not well understood. Therefore, current management is targeted around controlling symptoms.

An image of a participant’s hand with OA.

This study has been created to investigate possible ultrasound markers of hand pain and functional impairment, in people with multiple finger joint OA living in the East Midlands region. This was then examined to determine whether ultrasound-assessed features at baseline can predict future clinical and structural changes in hand OA.

An ultrasound image showing grey-scale synovitis and power doppler signal in the first carpometacarpal joint

Co-Investigators: Professor Weiya Zhang, Professor Michael Doherty, Abasiama Obotiba (PhD student).


Amelia Bell

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