June 9, 2014, by Graham Kendall

IAPS Small Research and Publication Grants

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IAPS Small Research and Publication Grants.

Applications for a Small Research and Publication Grant of between 3000 and 5000 ringgit are now invited from members of staff engaged in any aspect of research in the social sciences or arts that has an Asia-Pacific focus . Preference may be given to those that engage with IAPS signature theme of “New Asian Publics”(see http://www.nottingham.edu.my/Institute-of-Asia-Pacific-Studies/home.aspx) . It is expected that 3 to 5 grants will be made.

Eligibility and Conditions

  • a member of academic staff or enrolled PhD student
  • not be a recipient of a major research grant worth over 50,000 ringgit in the last year
  • willing to present at an IAPS seminar
  • willing to identify as a research associate/member of IAPS and provide a 100 bio and a 100 word summary of the project for which funding is being sought to be used on IAPS website.
  • aim for publication in an identified ISI or Scorpus listed journal (ready for submission by end of 2014) and acknowledge IAPS, Malaysia in any resulting publication.
  • satisfactory completion of the application process listed below


Application Process

In one pdf file applications should

A)     Address the eligibility and conditions listed above and indicate how the funds will assist the researcher meet submission deadline (to ISI or Scorpus listed journal) of end of 2014 ( No more than 1 page).

B)      Explain the nature of the research, its current status and how the project fits your current research profile (No more than 1 page)

C)      Provide 100 word summary of the project and 100 word bio.

Send the application to IAPSMalaysia@nottingham.edu.my by June 30.


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