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On 6 September, 2016, there was a signing ceremony between Centre of Sustainable Palm Oil Research (CESPOR), UNMC and Green Plant Organic Fertiliser Sdn Bhd to secure RM580,120 worth of research funding for a project “The Efficacy of Living Organic Fertilizer (LOF) and Fortified Living Organic Fertilizer (FLOF) amended with mix cultures of Trichoderma spp. to Control Basal Stem Rot Diseases in Oil Palm”. The PI of the Project is Dr Christina Vimala Supramaniam of the School of Bioscience, FoS and co-PI, Prof Denny Ng, FOE

The project will commence in September 2016 and will be carried out for 3 years in 2 phases. The first phase is for the development of a Trichoderma culture for the biocontrol of Ganoderma spp. and the second phase is the application of the formula in 2 oil palm estate locations in Malaysia. The results will be used in the formulation of a commercial product by Green Plant Organic Fertiliser Sdn Bhd. UNMC’s role is to provide expertise on the microbial formulation and industry’s role is to carry our pilot scale and large scale cultivation of the microbes to be used with their existing commercial products, LOF and FLOF.

Prior to this, in June 2015, Dr Supramaniam received RM10,000 as seed money for proof of concept and the project was conducted between June and September 2015. Prior to joining UNMC in 2006, Dr Supramaniam was working in a large bio-fertiliser facility for a few years doing similar formulations with other sets of microbes and applying them in oil palm estates. She has since published a patent for formulations and gained the experience to go ahead with this project.

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