Universities are more than just a paper mill

There was an interesting article in Focusweek recently that discusses how Malaysian institutions are changing, and need to continue to change. You can view the article here. As an aside, Focusweek often has a lot of interesting articles so worth keeping an eye on their content and also following them on Twitter.

Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE)

COPE (Committee on Publication Ethics) was established in 1997 and I first heard about it when attending U21 workshop on research misconduct. Many of the leading journals have signed up the to principles that COPE outline. If nothing else, it is worth being aware of this organisation, but they have some very interesting content. Two …

Citing and Plagiarism

This video might be applicable to some of our postgraduate students, as well as to our undergraduates. It’s good to see that students are talking about this area of their work. With thanks to Victoria and Florence.

Singapore Statement on Research Integrity

We have recently blogged on Research Integrity. As you find more about this area it is not long before you come across the Singapore Statement. Many universities have used this as the basis for their own policies. It is an interesting document to look at. Not least of all, it gives a good overview of …

U21 Workshop on Dealing with Research Misconduct

Richard Masterman (Director of Research Graduate Services), Margaret Dowens (Chair of UNNC Research Ethics Committee) and myself recently (10th – 11th Dec 2012) attended a two day U21 workshop in Hong Kong that focused on research misconduct and how to deal with it, especially when more than one university is involved (things get even more …