Research and Knowledge Transfer Handbook: Updated (Version 3.00)

The Research and Knowledge Transfer Handbook has recently been updated. The new version (Version 3.00) can be downloaded from Workspace. The main changes are: An updated Open Access policy (Section 25) An updated Active Grants policy (Section 14) An updated MOU/MOA policy (Section 9) Each of these updates has been agreed by UNMC’s Management Board …

UNMC Research and Knowledge Transfer Staff Handbook

A while ago we released a Research and Knowledge Transfer Staff Handbook. This is a repository of (we hope) useful information. One of the problems we had was that this document, although not strictly confidential, is something that we would not really want to put on a publically available web site. We also had a …


For as long as I have been at UNMC there has also been mention of the “Y: drive”. I never really understood why we keep all our important shared information on a shared drive, but in the light of having anything to replace it, it was the only option we had. I believe that we …

Executive Education Standard Operating Procedure

We have been working on a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for Executive Education at UNMC, which is now ready to go live. The SOP is available here:

UNMC Sabbatical Policy

We have now established a UNMC policy with respect to sabbatical. The policy can be downloaded from: