January 7, 2013, by Graham Kendall


For as long as I have been at UNMC there has also been mention of the “Y: drive”. I never really understood why we keep all our important shared information on a shared drive, but in the light of having anything to replace it, it was the only option we had.

I believe that we are all now have access to Workspace (which is really just a University Intranet). At least I am able to login with my UNMC username.

There is no reason why everybody should not be able to login, and it is well worth a look as the University store a lot of information on Workspace, and are doing so increasingly more and more.

As an example, these Schools at UNMC have dedicated Workspace pages:

  • The Business School
  • CELE (Centre of English Language Education)
  • IWHO (Institute of Work, Health and Organisations)

Granted, these pages need populating, but if everybody has access then at least we can start making use of Workspace.

At this stage, I would encourage you to login to Workspace (and if you can’t talk to IS support) and just take a look around.

I would not encourage creating lots of content at the moment as I think there is some discussion about how best to structure our presence.

Final Note: We are currently looking at the structure of UNMC Workspace pages. We’ll let you know more in the coming days/weeks.



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