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On trial: Soviet Women Digital Archive

We are pleased to bring you trial access to the Soviet Women Digital Archive. Soviet Women magazine was established in 1945 to counter anti-Soviet propaganda by introducing Western audiences to the lifestyle of Soviet women, including their role in the post-WWII rebuilding of the Soviet economy, and their achievements in the arts and the sciences. …

On trial: Work in the Global Economy

We are pleased to bring you trial access to the journal Work in the Global Economy. Work in the Global Economy is an interdisciplinary peer-reviewed journal that promotes understanding of work, and connections to work, in all forms and dimensions, focusing on labour processes, labour markets, labour organising and labour reproduction. The journal is associated …

On trial: Subculture Archive (Museum of Youth Culture)

We are pleased to bring you trial access to the Subculture Archive from the Museum of Youth Culture. The Subculture Archive provides access to primary sources of youth culture from the last 100 years, from rave, punk, rockabilly, and grime. Primary sources include flyers, photographs, oral histories, and articles. The research areas covered include: Young …

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On trial: Oxford Scholarly Editions Online, Early 17th Century Prose

We are pleased to bring you trial access to the OSEO Early 17th Century Prose module. Oxford Scholarly Editions Online (OSEO) provides full-text access to hundreds of editions, showcasing their authoritative editorial notes directly alongside the text and enabling advanced search within and between editions. The Early 17th Century Prose module includes the works of: …

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On trial: SAE Mobilus Academic Library

We are pleased to bring you trial access to SAE Mobilus Academic Library. The library provides access to research about the latest aerospace, automotive, and commercial engineering advancements, including 42,000+ Internationally Recognised Standards 15 Peer-Reviewed Journals 143,000+ Expert-Written Technical Papers (from 1906 – Current) Over 2,000 Magazine Issues Edge Research Reports on Pre-Consensus or Unsettled …

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On trial: AIAA Meeting Papers

We are pleased to bring you trial access to AIAA (American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics) Meeting Papers. AIAA Meeting Papers include 1,199 proceedings from 1963 to 2022 from the AIAA Aviation Forum, AIAA Propulsion and Energy Forum, AIAA SciTech Forum, and the AIAA Space Forum. Covering every aspect of aerospace, they represent the most …

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On trial: Pravda Ukrainy Digital Archive and Ukrainian Publications (UDB-UKR)

We are pleased to bring you trial access to East View’s Pravda Ukrainy Digital Archive and Ukrainian Publications (UDB-UKR). Pravda Ukrainy Digital Archive contains obtainable published issues of the newspaper from 1938 to 2014. It was the official daily newspaper of the Communist Party of Ukraine, and in the early 1990s changed to embrace democratic …

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On trial: Emerald Insight Expert Briefings

We are pleased to bring you trial access to Emerald Insight Expert Briefings. Expert Briefings are created by independent geopolitical analysis and advisory firm Oxford Analytica. The content explores the implications and impact of global emerging trends and developments, capturing the impartial analysis and commentary of independent leaders and academics on political, social and economic …

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Easter Break key resources 

Do you have an essay to write over vacation? Or perhaps you’re preparing for an exam? In this blog, we share some of the tips for finding resources, accessing study space and preparing for exams and assessments.   Library Subject Guides  Our subject guides are designed to help you locate key resources specific to your subject …

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On trial: National Theatre Collection 2

We bring you trial access to the National Theatre Collection 2. We already have ongoing access to the first 30 productions in the National Theatre Collection. Collection 2 offers an additional 20 high-quality video productions featuring fresh takes on the classics and compelling performances. Turn of the Century Plays for Contemporary Audiences Hedda Gabler Julie …

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