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June 3, 2021, by Sarah

Discover our collections: responding to a changing climate

The University of Nottingham is committed to environmental sustainability and is seen as a global leader in driving forward the environmental agenda. In this blog, we introduce resources from our library collections to help you better understand the issues and discover actions you can take. 

Books and Journals

Staff, students and researchers can access a wide range of books and journals related to climate change and environmentalism topics in our physical and online collections.

We’ve recently added even more titles for you to choose from on topics ranging from Emergency and Disaster Management to Green Chemistry and Smart Cities.

Climate change books

You can find these and many other related book titles in NUsearch

Browzine climate change journals

Using a mobile device to browse journals in the climate change category in Browzine

To browse, read and keep up-to-date with scholarly journal content, we recommend using the Browzine tool, available on mobile devices, laptops and desktop PCs. For example, you can browse academic journals grouped by these subjects: 

Explore NUsearch 

Much has been written about humanity’s environmental impact and responses to the climate emergency. You might find some of these NUsearch results illuminating: 

Remember you can narrow the search results using the Filters on the right (for example, ‘Available online’). 


Current awareness

Topic Wheel from The Telegraph Historical Archive

Use the Topic Wheel from The Telegraph Historical Archive, 1855-2016 to visualise and filter your search results. From the Archive, click on a section to display news items

Newspapers can be a fantastic source of information for researching environmental topics. The library provides a wide range of UK and international newspapers from the 17th century to the present day. To follow the latest news or to gain a chronicled perspective of the impact of climate change see our online newspapers 

Recent climate change news can be accessed via Nexis (some titles go back 40 years). Alternatively, Gale Primary Sources allows you to search across several archival newspaper collections simultaneously to obtain an historical overview. 

A search for “bushfire” shows articles as far back as 1851 affecting Australia, for example, and a search for “sea level change” highlights reports of rising sea levels affecting the landscape going back decades. 


Programmes and broadcasts

Discover TV and radio broadcasts from Box of Broadcasts including The Daily Climate Show (Sky News) and a playlist featuring recent programmes about the environment and climate change. 

You can browse Kanopy’s collections of films and documentaries relating to the environment including climate changesustainability and environmental conservation. 


To take your research further, explore these databases which are available in NUsearch. 

  • CAB abstracts – Bibliographic database covering the management and conservation of natural resources  
  • Digimap – Digital map data used in areas such as coastal erosion studies, natural resource planning, marine management, and environmental impact assessments. 
  • Garner’s Environmental Law – Collection of annotated UK and EC source materials on environmental law arranged by subjects including waste and hazardous substances, marine and pollution, conservation and habitats. 
  • GreenFILE – Database covering all aspects of human impact on the environment. Topics covered include climate change, green buildings, pollution, sustainability, renewable energy sources and recycling. 
  • International Bibliography of the Social Sciences – The four primary subject areas (anthropology, economics, political science and sociology) cover, for example, society’s attitude to climate change, policy and public engagement.  
  • Natural Science Collection – Topics covered in this database include climate change, climatology, global warming, conservation, environmental management and protection, oceanography, pollution, and sustainable development. 
  • OECDiLibrary – Content from the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development. The Environment theme includes Green Growth Papers, OECD/IEA Climate Change Expert Group Papers, and Environment Statistics and Indicators. 
  • ScienceDirect – Peer-reviewed literature covering current developments, theories and applications in the physical and life sciences. 
  • Scopus – Curated abstract & citation database delivering global, interdisciplinary scientific data and literature across all research fields. 
  • Web of Science – Platform consisting of several literature search databases designed to support scientific and scholarly research. 

Further research and information 

Read more about the university’s strategy and practices on the Sustainability and the University of Nottingham page. 

The university’s Beacons of Excellence demonstrate industry-leading responses to global challenges. 

The five interdisciplinary Global Research Themes further address the key challenges of our age through collaborative research with a range of partners. 

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Written by Sarah Davies and Jenny Mackay from our Collections team.

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