October 12, 2020, by Sarah

On trial: Food and Drink in History

We’re pleased to announce a four week trial for Adam Matthew’s Food and Drink in History. This resource charts the history of food and drink from 1514-1980 using material such as cookbooks, government reports, ephemera and films from around the world. It illustrates the main issues like agriculture and nutrition, as well as examining the impact food and drink had on race, politics and power.

Highlights include:

  • Various cookbook collections, including early manuscript household remedies and recipes, and collections with Mexican, Latin American, African or Asian focus.
  • Official documents from the Ministry of Food, and government files concerning crises such as the Irish Potato Famine.
  • The British Film Institute films examining nutrition, production and wartime food.
  • Documents about the Field Foundation which supported civil rights and child welfare.
  • Material looking at brewing and winemaking, and issues relating to alcohol.
  • Diaries and correspondence from anthropologist Audrey Richards.
  • African American cookbooks covering Creole cookery and plantation recipes.

This resource features Handwritten Text Recognition to allow for full-text searching, video interviews, Food Through Time case studies, and a split-screen viewer to allow for recipe comparisons.

The trial starts on 7 October and runs for four weeks. Please send your feedback to collections@nottingham.ac.uk

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