CABI Global Health

June 15, 2020, by Sarah

On trial: CABI Global Health

We are pleased to announce a trial of CABI Global Health. We already have access to the archive of this resource and this trial gives us access to more up to date content, which is of particular relevance at this time. CABI Global Health provides a resource for the study, research and practice of regional, national and international public health.

Highlights include:

Infectious diseases

Articles, chapter and reviews focusing on diseases, infections, immunology, vaccines and drug resistance.

Disease vectors & Entomology

News and information on vector control, climate change, vectorborne zoonoses and insectborne diseases.

Environmental and Occupational Health

Articles and news on sanitation, climate change, natural disasters, pollution, and occupational health.

Chronic Diseases and Aging

Information relating to topics such as cancer, diabetes, respiratory and cardiovascular diseases, aging, and obesity.

Nutrition and Food Science

Chapters, articles and news concerning food safety, clinical nutrition, healthy eating, and food security.


With 170,000 new records each year and 120,700 full text articles is a valuable resource for health, disease, medicine and nutrition.


The trial is available until 10th September 2020. Do let us know what you think. Please send your feedback to the Libraries Collection Team:

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