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January 14, 2019, by Katherine Beers

Take a break in libraries and game away your stress

We’ve got help yourself, use within libraries, games and activities available from Monday 14 January until the end of January. The games have been selected to suit each library, whether it’s Hallward, George Green, Greenfield, James-Cameron Gifford, Business or Djanogly LRC. Anyone can use them, all we ask is that you are mindful of others studying around you and that they aren’t taken out of the library.

We introduced the idea of games and craft activities during the summer revision and exam times last year, this blog will tell you more about what we did then. Building on those ideas and having tried and tested a few things out, this year we decided to work with the University Blackwell’s shop to source some new games and mindfulness activities. We’ve provided a range of games that could be played individually, with a friend or in small groups.

Here are a few of the resources that you will see Libraries:

  • Hirameki notecards and placemats draw what you see, where doodling and imagination come together. Great for flashes of inspiration!
  • Bletchley Park brain boosting puzzles
  • Scrabble and Draw a Blank games
  • Origami resources for the crafters amongst you
  • A range of Ridleys small card games eg. Would You Rather or Who Would Beat Who. Great for a couple of people to have some fun (or serious discussion) about whether Yoda would beat Lady Gaga in a 3 legged race…

With our Libraries opening 24/7 during revision and exam times we’d like to encourage everyone studying with us to manage their time within the libraries with care, taking regular breaks and getting involved in distraction activities. We have Room to Study flyers available in all libraries which means that you can take regular 30 minute breaks without losing your study place.

If you’d like more advice it’s available on the exam stress-busting website from HealthyU. Don’t forget that if the libraries are busy and you can’t find a study spot, the Study Anywhere spaces can help.

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