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December 22, 2017, by Sarah

The Illustrated London News Historical Archive (1842-2003), an unparalleled window to the past

The Illustrated London News was the world’s first pictorial weekly newspaper. Earlier this year, we were pleased to invest in the Historical Archive 1842-2003 to provide researchers with a vivid picture of British and world events.

Richard Gaunt, Associate Professor in the Faculty of Arts writes:

The Illustrated London News is recognised as a landmark in the history of 19th century periodical publication. Combining high quality illustrations based on eye-witness accounts, portraits and reconstructions, together with news and commentary of the first order, the publication developed and grew from its origins in 1842 in to one of the most important weekly publications of the 19th and 20th century. A host of commentators, writers and historians contributed to the pages of the Illustrated London News, providing an invaluable insight into the thoughts, feelings and tempo of life, as seen from London, for over 150 years. Staff and students will find this  to be an immensely useful and wide-ranging source of news, commentary and illustration on a diverse range of subjects, providing excellent raw material for teaching and research.


The Archive provides a facsimile of the entire run of the Illustrated London News from its first publication on 14 May 1842 to its last in 2003. It includes introductory essays about the history, development and influence of the Illustrated London News. A “Highlights” timeline displays key events by year with active links to related articles.

Illustrated London News - French Revolution


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