December 8, 2017, by Sarah

On trial: IBISWorld

Until the end of the year, we have trial access to IBISWorld, a powerful business intelligence tool providing industry market research, risk ratings & procurement reports.

According to the website, IBISWorld has

  • The broadest collection of Industry Reports in the UK, updated 3 or more times a year
  • True industry analysis, not simply aggregated company financial data
  • Research at a finer level of detail; e.g. dozens of food manufacturing industries

To access the trial, you will first need to register with the IBISWorld website (no need to include a phone number!). The trial runs until 31st December 2017. Do let us know what you think. Please send your feedback to collections@nottingham.ac.uk.

IBISWorld Search screen

Screenshot of the IBISWorld homepage. Follow the link at the top of this blog post to access the trial.

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