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April 26, 2017, by Sarah

On trial: ProQuest Historical Black Newspapers

This historical newspaper collection provides researchers with first-hand accounts and information that was excluded or marginalized in mainstream sources.

The Black Newspapers Collection allows you to

  • Examine the diversity of stances during the civil rights movement, including: endorsements of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. or Malcolm X, and the debate about integration and the Negro Baseball Leagues.
  • Follow the crusade against racially restrictive housing covenants.
  • Find obituaries and coverage of community events.
  • Access thorough coverage of international events, such as apartheid in South Africa and Stephen Biko’s Nobel Peace prize nomination, often overlooked by other newspapers.

The collection contains nine Historical Black Newspapers:

  • Atlanta Daily World (1931-2003)
  • The Baltimore Afro-American (1893-1988)
  • Cleveland Call & Post (1934-1991)
  • Chicago Defender (1910-1975)
  • Los Angeles Sentinel (1934-2005)
  • New York Amsterdam News (1922-1993)
  • The Norfolk Journal & Guide (1921-2003)
  • The Philadelphia Tribune (1912-2001)
  • Pittsburgh Courier (1911-2002)

The trial runs until 10 May 2017. Do let us know what you think. Please send your feedback to

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