British Library Newspapers parts III – V

April 20, 2017, by Sarah

On trial: British Library Newspapers parts III – V

The British Library Newspapers series offers researchers access to four centuries of national and regional newspapers, supporting research in history, literature, Victorian studies, genealogy, fine arts, finance and economics, political science, and more.

We already have access to

These collections were purchased in perpetuity by JISC Collections as part of their £22 million Digitisation Programme.

Until 5 May 2017, we’re pleased to bring you access to parts III – V from Gale Cengage. Trial content covers:

British Library Newspapers, Part III, 1741-1950
With an additional 35 titles, Part III extends the range of English regional news journals like the Leeds Intelligencer and Hull Daily Mail, local-interest publications such as the Northampton Mercury, and specialist titles such as the Poor Law Unions’ Gazette.

British Library Newspapers: Part IV, 1732-1950
From key early newspaper titles like the Stamford Mercury to what is possibly the oldest magazine in the world still in publication, the Scots Magazine, the 23 newspapers in Part IV offer key local and regional perspectives from towns as geographically diverse as Aberdeen, Bath, Chester, Derby, Stamford, Liverpool, and York.

British Library Newspapers: Part V: 1780-1950
With a concentration of titles from the northern part of the United Kingdom, the 36 titles in Part V include newspapers from the Scottish localities of Fife, Elgin, Inverness, Paisley, and John O’Groats, as well as towns just below the border, such as Morpeth, Alnwick, and more.

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