September 19, 2016, by Sarah

The Nation Digital Archive

Back in June, we offered you trial access to The Nation Digital Archive. Towards the end of the financial year, we were fortunate to receive some grant money. We’re delighted to bring you ongoing access!

The Nation Archive contains indexing, abstracting, and full text for the complete archive of The Nation, beginning with its first issue in 1865 all the way to the present. The Nation is America’s oldest weekly magazine and one if its premier journals of opinion since its inception. The Nation has long been regarded as one of the country’s definitive journalistic voices of writing on politics, culture, books, and the arts, and continues to stand as the independent voice in American journalism.

James Baldwin, Ralph Nader and Hunter Thompson published their first pieces in The Nation. Other contributors have included Martin Luther King Jr., Albert Einstein, Eleanor Roosevelt, Emma Goldman and Jean-Paul Sartre.

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