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June 9, 2016, by Sarah

Core module readings – let us add them for you!

Module convenors. Now that exams are over and you’re gradually emerging from all that marking, your thoughts will be turning …… no, not to Euro 2016 / Wimbledon / sipping cocktails on the beach / hiking in the Alps / [insert your ideal summer activity here].

No, you’ll naturally be thinking about the core readings for your semester 1 modules! But we want to help you slip into holiday mode quicker. Here’s how……

We want to ensure that core texts for all taught courses are recorded in the online reading lists system. We’re offering to set up online lists on behalf of module convenors, adding up to 20 core texts per list.  This is intended to make the most important material available to your students as effectively as possible and to support you in making the best use of the system.

To take advantage of this service, you need to:

1.    Create a profile in the online reading list system.  This short video (1:07 min) provides a guide to the process.
2.    Identify the most significant texts for inclusion in the reading list(s) for 2016/17.

We’ll do the rest. We’re also happy to visit you to show you how you can easily maintain your list for the benefit of students.

So before you don your flip-flops and light the BBQ, send your marked up reading lists, along with the relevant module code and title, to: Please submit as soon as possible, to enable us to complete this work in the current financial year.

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