March 26, 2013, by Molly

Blogs are Bach…

I can only apologise for the awfully punny titles but I just can’t help it. Anyway it’s now the end of the second term for me and this one has been pretty good. Less manic than last term and I kind of feel I know what I’m doing now! Studying quite a contrast of subjects compared to last term including world music, listening to tonal music and interpreting tonal music, also getting to do a bit of composition too. What’s good about this combination of modules is they all sort of overlap so it’s not just learning about what happened but why it happened and how to compose it yourself! And then of course there’s world music where you study – guess what – music from around the world. In all seriousness it’s a good module and quite thought provoking too.


Role as course rep is going well and I’ve been elected education rep of the music department as of September which is exciting. Many other opportunities been thrown my way this term including the chance to conduct! Never done it before and I can safely say it’s one of the most terrifying experiences doing it for the first time! After doing a small bit of conducting in clarinet and saxophone ensemble as well as doing a few workshops I’m feeling a little more confident about it now and enjoying it. I hope to do much more in the future.

I’m also going on the Mussoc tour in a few weeks to Belgium and Holland so I will keep you posted on how that goes (I’m playing clarinet in the tourchestra – anything could happen..!

Stay tuned for the final chapters of being a music fresher.


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