October 28, 2014, by Alice

Skyscrapers, Mountains and Great Adventures; Studying Abroad at The University of Hong Kong

Sometimes being a little bit reckless has its benefits.

When I first applied to study abroad for the autumn semester of my second year I didn’t really think it through. Entranced by glitzy images on the Lonely Planet website I applied to study abroad in Hong Kong.

However, two months in I can safely say it’s the best decision I’ve ever made. From the iconic skyline to secret waterfalls deep in the mountains of the New Territories: Hong Kong has been everything it promised to be and much, much more.

Everywhere I go in Hong Kong people say to me ‘you have come to study here at a very interesting time!’

The Occupy Central protest movement in support of universal suffrage for the people of Hong Kong started a month ago, with class boycotts happening the week before that. I can’t really be anything more than an observer; I find it very difficult to have an opinion which holds any weight given the tied history of Hong Kong and the UK and my natural biases. But it has certainly been very interesting.

Coming to East Asia brings with it incredible opportunities for travel: Macau, Singapore, Shanghai, Xi’an, Beijing, the Philippines with the dearest of new friends. . . and soon I’m going to Vietnam!

But most importantly I have had so many cherished opportunities to learn about the music and philosophy of China. China is a Music and Philosophy student’s dream! Music is very much a part of many of the philosophical traditions of China, just as philosophy is a part of the music. It’s fascinating!

It might be a little bit scary, reckless even, to apply to live and study in another country for 6 months having only just moved away from home, but it’s definitely worth it!!!


(N.B. For anyone who is interested in Studying Abroad but is worried about the cost, don’t be! It can be done! There are many opportunities for extra funding, as well as paying significantly less fees for the term that you are away. Refer here; http://www.nottingham.ac.uk/aglobaluniversity/documents/currentstudents/exchanges/finance-factsheet-2014-15.pdf)



A concert of Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra


Cheeky monkeys in the New Territiories, Hong Kong


Singpore Botanic Gardens


Arab Quarters, Singapore


Muslim Quarters, Xi’an


The clear blue sea of Virgin Island, The Philippines



Central, Hong Kong



Bird in Shangahi


Centennial Campus at The University of Hong Kong

Centennial Campus at The University of Hong Kong


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