January 21, 2016, by Rebecca Crone

A Part of Me Forever


It has now been a month since I returned from my semester abroad studying music at The University of Hong Kong. I’ve left it this long before writing a blog about my time there as it’s hard to find the words that can truly sum up how incredible an experience it was. I know it’s what everybody says, and it’s a little cliché, but if even for a minute you think a journey like this is for you, just go for it!

Everyday I woke up looking at the oceans, mountains and islands that had become my home. And it really did become home. The flatmates I lived with became my family, I formed close friendships with local Hong Kong students and honestly, there’s nothing quite as satisfying as knowing a foreign country’s transport system better than you know the one back home! It shocked me how quickly life in Hong Kong became normal, and rarely did I feel any sense of not belonging there. Hong Kong will always be a special place for me since studying there, and I hope one day I can visit again.

Outside of experiencing everyday life in a different culture, Hong Kong is an amazing place to be as a music student. From watching The Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra perform to learning about gender and K-Pop in class, it was eye-opening to listen and learn about music in this part of the world. The things I learnt will influence my work and interests in music for many years to come.

At times being away from home, friends and loved ones was tough, and studying abroad is by no means easy, but I have gained so much from my time away that I would do it all over again if I could. I cannot recommend it more. Wherever you’re thinking of going, studying abroad is worth every effort and challenge you will encounter along the way. Give it a go and let your adventure begin!

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