September 1, 2015, by Rebecca Crone

The Study Abroad Adventure

By the time this has been published, I will be experiencing my first week as an international exchange student at the University of Hong Kong. The chance to spend four months abroad, immersing myself in culture, being educated from a different perspective and meeting other students from all over the world: I had hoped to study abroad in Asia from the moment I began my degree at Nottingham. For me therefore, the initial decision to apply was really the easiest part. The hardest part was the following nine months!

The process of going to study abroad is not just a case of filling in forms and applications on time. There are a wealth of other elements you are required to be on top of, such as having the correct vaccinations for your host country, or getting up at three in the morning to apply for accommodation before all the places are allocated. You will become very quick at figuring out time differences between England and your host country!

It is a long process, and at times it has honestly been a stressful and hectic experience. Problems can occur however organised you are, and this is definitely something to be prepared for! Just this week for example, in the days before I depart, an issue with module enrolment occurred that required my academic advisor to rewrite my agreed study plan so that I am able to earn credits from my time abroad.

The good news though, is that throughout this process you are never alone. There are always peer advisors, tutors and the study abroad office to help you out along the way. I want to be honest as to how tough, nerve-racking, and at times a little crazy, this has been. But I can also truthfully say never have I been more excited in my life, and that when the wheels of the plane hit the runway in Hong Kong I know that the last nine months will have been worth every moment.

I’ll hopefully be writing an update on my experiences once I have settled into my semester at the University of Hong Kong.

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