May 22, 2013, by Jonathan

The finale of the year…

Handing in assignments is never a stress-free period. The 16th May was no exception. Looking back over the previous (Spring) term, it seems impossible to write in such a concise manner that I display the vast knowledge I have gained over the term from my modules. Yet all I know have to do is sit and wait for the outcome at the end of June and what will be will be…

The last term has been exceptionally busy. I have been fortunate to direct an opera production for OpSoc of Leonard Bernstein’s Trouble in Tahiti in addition to a play at the NottinghamNew Theatre for their UnCut season, Eight by Ella Hickson. Both opportunities were incredible and I had so much fun and I hopefully will have similar opportunities next year also.

The last few weeks, besides hand in, has been the music societies AGM in which new society committees are elected alongside managers and conductors of ensembles. I regret not standing for any positions for 2013-14 as being part of a music society committee is an incredible experience. However, the final year of my degree ultimately needs to take priority so perhaps this was a good decision!

On another note, I have escaped Nottingham for a week following hand-in to visit Bruges and Brussels and I can officially say I have been to the weirdest concert hall I can ever imagine at Bruges Concertgebouw! I attended a double-bill performance of English Renaissance choral music contrasted by contemporary pieces by Jonathan Harvey; a fantastic concert sublimely adapted to the incredible acoustics. Yet the industrial interior was not quite so appeasing…Oh well, atrip to the Theatre de la Monnaie is next on the cards and I am sure this will not disappoint!


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