September 30, 2012, by Nirali

Freshers fanfair

Nottingham University is undoubtedly one of the biggest, busiest and most elating universities in the country! From the minute you’ve moved into your halls of accommodation, your first year kicks off with a bang with a whole week dedicated to Freshers. This week is packed with different events you won’t want to miss including wild themed nights out to experience the city’s nightlife (you’re literally spoilt for choice in town) as well as film screenings and comedy shows!  But whatever you decide to do during this week, don’t miss out on the Students’ Union Freshers’ Fair!

Freshers’ Fair is held for only three days in a huge marquee on campus – it’s impossible to miss!
Once you’re in, you’ll be swept away with countless freebies (yay!) and offers. But after you’ve collected as much free stuff as you can carry,  make sure you fight through the crowds, the showering of discount vouchers and the incessant wafts of pizza, because behind all those promotion stalls is the best bit…

A maze of stalls representing over 200 societies the SU has to offer you! From Swing dancing to Quidditch & Harry Potter, to Juggle Soc, there really is something for everyone. Spend time browsing through all the society stalls – believe me, you’ll need plenty of time – and be sure to head to the beautiful cluster of music society stalls!
The three, famous, incredible, awesome, fabuloso music societies are: Mussoc, Blowsoc and Opsoc, each catered for your own individual music tastes.

We want to hear all about you so have a chat to us and tell us what you play and what music you love! And whilst you’re there, sign-up to audition for ensembles like Sinfonia, Mussoc’s student-run orchestra, Viva Voce, our exquisite chamber choir, Blowsoc’s immense Wind Orchestra and the famous Moonlighter’s Big Band or for a main part in Opsoc’s wide range of spellbinding opera productions.

But there’s more to be had with all of the many un-auditioned ensembles: from Flute Choir to Contempo, there is literally something for everyone – you can even direct an opera yourself!
Check it out at:,, and
Also, if you ever have some spare time in the Music Department, check out our noticeboards for more information.

Remember, if you’d like to audition for Sinfonia, Viva Voce, Wind Orchestra, Moonlighters Big Band or for a main role in an opera, you’ll need to find the music society stalls at Freshers’ Fair to sign up for an audition. Auditions are held Friday – Sunday during Week One in the Music department, and we ask that you perform a solo piece of your choice that is no longer than five minutes.

Tips for Freshers’ Fair: Be brave! Sign up for societies that will rekindle your love for your hobbies and sign up for things you thought you’d never have the chance to do! (Go Skydive!)
Most importantly, become a member of the music societies and audition for everything – you never know your luck! Get involved and be a part of something big.

Nirali Shah

3rd year music student and Mussoc society president

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