Critical Autism Forum Launch Weekend Report

The 29 and 30 November saw the launch of the Critical Autism Forum with a special film screening and linked workshop. Tom Harding provides a brief report of the weekend’s events.

Youtube Link for Stuart Elden’s Talk at the Nottingham Contemporary

For those of you who couldn’t make it, or for those of you who simply want to see it again, the Youtube link for Professor Stuart Elden’s talk at the Nottingham Contemporary last week is here: Happy Viewing! Best, Colin Wright

‘Other Voices’ – Nottingham Autism Film Screening with Director Q&A – 29 November

‘Other Voices: A Different Outlook on Autism’ – Film Screening with Director Q&A – Nottingham Lakeside Arts – 29 November, 18:15

Stuart Elden – ‘Foucault, Subjectivity, and Truth’ – 12 November

Nottingham Contemporary, Wednesday 12 November, 18:30.

Is the Unconscious Historical?: Conversations on the Origin of Psychoanalysis and its Clinical and Political Relevance Today (Part 1)

This interview will appear in two parts. In Part 1, the discussion focused on the origins of psychoanalysis, its historical debt to hysteria, and the fall of the ‘Master’ … Samuel Grove: In my own work I am interested in the consilience between Darwin, Marx and Freud. Darwin and Marx were incontrovertibly historical thinkers. In what …

CCT Visiting Speaker Series: Dr. Cohen Tan

The Philosophy of Emptiness: On Buddhist Two-Truths. Dr. Cohen Tan, Assistant Professor at the School of International Communications (UNNC). 17:00 Wednesday 12th Feb., Room A39, Clive Granger Building.

Centre for Critical Theory Visiting Speaker Series

Modality and Difference. Dr. Kevin Love, Senior Lecturer in Philosophy and Social Theory at Nottingham Trent University. 17:00 Wednesday December 4th. A39 Sir Clive Granger Building. All welcome.


Friction: An interdisciplinary conference on technology & resistance University of Nottingham Thursday 8th May & Friday 9th May, 2014     Friction: noun [mass noun] The resistance that one surface or object encounters when moving over another: the action of one surface or object rubbing against another conflict or animosity caused by a clash of …

Call for Papers: The Subject of Addiction – Culture and Clinic

Please find below a call for papers inviting you to get involved in a two-day conference I’m organising around the theme of addiction. It should a be a good event and I’ve secured a special issue of the journal Subjectivity for the proceedings, so it’s also a potential publishing opportunity. Do drop me a line …

CCT Visiting Speaker Series: Peter Hallward, ‘The Dictatorship of the People’, Wednesday 24 April 17:00 in Trent B40

“The will of the people involves collective action and direct participation. A democratic political will depends on the power and practice of inclusive assembly, the power to sustain a common commitment.” – Peter Hallward, The Will of the People¹